What Brings You Joy

What brings you joy?  We are in full swing of the holiday season, so much rushing around; the stress level is so high, you can feel the air vibrate with it.  My question is why, why are we doing this to ourselves?


The media tells us we need to give this certain present or that gift to make our friend and family happy.  In my inbox everyday I get at least three e-mails daily from a retail store informing me of the great deal to be had, how much I can save.  I have stop even opening them and my delete button is getting a real work out.  All the advertising this time of year overwhelms us.  What gives me joy; well it is certainly not that.


What gives me joy is when I give a gift and someone's face lights up, you made this for me they ask.  I think what they don’t put into words is wow, you took the time to make this for me.  The hours you must have put into this, the thought and the love, I must be special to you.  Yes, you are special to me and though I cannot always express it with words I can express it with my actions.


So find what brings you joy and share it with others.  If that is knitting, do that and make something wonderful for them and see their face light up.  And know that they will have that part of you that you put into that piece of art.  It will last year after year. Not like electronics that are replaced by the news and greatest device that will come out next year.


Enjoy this season, slow down relax and do what brings you joy.