Wearable Art

When you sit down with your needles and yarn pattern, or no pattern, you are creating art.  Through your hands the yarn is being transformed into something that is made by the human hand and as such it cannot be replicated exactly the same way by any other human.  That is because, even though you are follow a pattern, your handwork is unique to you.  You can take a pattern and you have choices, choices you do not have when you walk into a store with ready made items on the shelf.


Ready made tells us what to wear.  It tells us what we have to wear.   They have limited our choices.  You want a sweater that is teal with a cable border and color work in the body   You go to the ready made store and what do you find.   Teal doesn’t seem to be what they are offering this season.  Cables with color work, I am sorry we don’t carry anything like that…but we do have 50 sweaters with the same design and five basic colors so we can look like everyone else.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look like everyone else.  We are all unique and what better way to express our individuality then through the clothes we wear. Don’t be satisfied by looking like every one else.  Have those unique pieces in your clothing collection that celebrates who you are as an individual.


Knit those wonderfully garments and start a conversation, where did you get that beautiful sweater?  I have never seen anything like it and you can proudly say, I knitted it and know there is not another one exactly like it anywhere.  Celebrate who you are!