Slow Fashion Movement

Slow Fashion Movement


Slow Fashion is not a seasonal trend that comes and goes, but a sustainable fashion movement that is gaining momentum.


Too many times, I have bought an item of clothing thinking yes this is my style. It is something that everyone has, so of course, I need it to be in style. I bring it home and put it in my closet and there it sits.  I might wear it once. It was a very expensive item to wear once, then give it to the thrift.  


Or I do find something I like, it is inexpensive, so I buy it and I wear it maybe 20 times and the seams start to go and the fabric begins to wear. It gets to the point that it isn’t even thrift worthy, maybe the rag bag.  I go to buy another one-oh so sorry they don’t make them anymore.  Needless to say this is very frustrating.


I like sustainable fashion, something that I can get excited about every time I pull it out of my closet.  Something I feel comfortable in and can wear season after season and not look dated.  I want to have quality in my closet not quantity.  


Knitting classic designs will help fill your closet with wonderful favorites.  Start with a classic raglan sweater.  This casual sweater is great for a weekend kick around sweater. Then you can move into the v-neck cardigan, choose colors that you will wear and that will be relevant for years to come.  Then you may want to move into textured work or color stranding.  


Let’s face it, knitting a sweater is a huge time commitment as well as a monetary investment. Creating something you can wear ten years from now and feel comfortable wearing. Fill your closet with great pieces you love, you will be happier and save money in the long run.