Seductive Fiber

Arriving at the store this week is El Linio, this is a ribbon yarn that is 100% linen.  Linen is one of my favorite natural fibers.


My love affair with Linen started about five year ago.  I was visiting my son in Minneapolis and knowing my love of fiber he took me to a Russian Museum.  They had a wonderful exhibit of linen garments as well as the process by which the garments were made.  We are talking from plant to garment with embellishments.  The work involved was mind-blowing.   There and then I fell in love with this seductive fiber. Those garments were hundreds of years old and looked gorgeous. 


Needless to say if I have the opportunity to work with Linen I  take it.  It is an extremely strong fiber that does not pill.  It is very absorbent and exceptionally cool to wear, great for summer knits.  It has been used for garments as far back as 8000BC.  So if you haven’t had a chance to try out Linen give it a whirl on your needles.  Create a breathtaking top to wear this summer.