Why take a knitting class?

Why take a knitting class?


Why should I take a knitting class, I know how to knit, I can read a pattern; what can I get from a class that I cannot figure out on my own.  The fact is, no you don’t need a class to make a successful garment.  So why take a class?  Like so many other things, having that structure there to help you put in the work can really help.



Taking a knitting class gives you the opportunity to focus on knitting for a set period of time, whether it’s once a day or a set of several weeks. It’s a way of getting focused on your project ensuring that there’s space blocked off in your scheduled knitting.



Knitting is about commitment – promising to yourself that you will finish a particular garment.  It’s easier to break a promise to yourself than it is to other people, including the others in your class. Because knitting is something we do alone, in our own time, it can be difficult to commit ourselves to it unless we are answerable to someone else.



A knitting class will motivate you to actually knit. A class should inspire you to sit down and apply those tips and techniques to make a success garment.



One of the main reasons people take a knitting class is for guidance. There is plenty you can learn from reading books, but a good teacher can direct you towards areas that you might need to focus on, or address certain issues you might have. It’s like having a guide, even though you can get where you need to be by wandering alone, it helps to have someone to ask for directions.



A knitting class helps you develop skills, whether it’s learning to read a pattern or improving your technique as a knitter. It might be about learning a few different ways to approach your knitting with tips you would not learn on your own.



So take a class today and become a more accomplished knitter.