The holiday’s are upon us with few knitting day’s until Christmas, my suggestion would be to do small projects…mittens, hats and sock. 

I like to give fingerless mittens or gloves.  Simple or complex they are a great gift that can be really fun to knit.  I like to knit a Fair Isle style mitten.  They look really complex, but you only use two colors per row though you change colors frequently.  We have just added a new fingerless mitten, MM-34-Rosebud.  This mitten is knit on US size 4 circular needles, with a worsted weight yarn.  The mitten features a unique cable design across the top of the mitten and a 1x1 rib over the palm of the mitten for a nice snug fit.

It is best to set a goal to get those Christmas projects done on time.  Knit a few rounds every night, so as not to get overwhelmed.  You don’t want to put in late nights or have to wrap a gift that still has the needles attached.

Hand knit gifts are the best.  They show your loved one how much they mean to you by the effort that you have put into your gift.  It contains something of your spirit that they will always have.  It a gift that keeps on giving warmth and love.


Happy Holidays