Running with Wool

My daughter recently moved back to Montana with her family.  She just had a birthday and decided to do a 5k run on Thanksgiving Day.  When she woke on the day of the run, it was in the single digits. There was nothing to be done except find the wool things that Mom had knit.  Sifting through the many moving boxes, she finally came up with her red snowflake hat and grey and white mittens.  Sadly she didn’t find a wool scarf and had to make due with a store bought cotton scarf.


The run went well.  She was toasty warm in her hat and mittens and greatly enjoyed the challenge of the run.  I had made those woolen items several years ago, and it is so nice to see that they withstood the test of time.  That is the great thing about wool.  It lasts forever and the traditional style is not dated.


Wool is a wonderful material, soft, and warm even when wet.  Our Thanksgiving brought snow and very cold temperatures.  The only way to survive is cozy wool socks, sweaters, mittens and hats.  Knitting for your family today will last them a lifetime.


Happy knitting