Knitted Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a great way to celebrate the season.  The fresh smell of pine, the wonderful decorations and beautiful light, gives a festive feel to your home.  I have taken those ideas and designed two different Christmas trees.  The CT-01-Reindeer Tree was inspired by a Scandinavian Christmas. This tree has a stylized reindeer design.  I choose a yarn that has a bit of bling, Hollywood by Cascade yarn, giving the tree a joyful look.


The second tree I designed was the CT-02-Partridge Tree.  This was inspired by the Christmas carol a “Partridge in a Pear Tree”.  The tree has a forest green background with the leaves of the tree and birds worked in a crisp white yarn.


These trees are great fun to knit and can be worked in a couple days.  They would make a great hostess gift; adding the holiday spirit to any home.


We will be offering a class on how to make either tree, Saturday, December 5 and 12th from 10:30 to 12:00 pm.  This should be a great learning experience on how to knit and put together your very own knitted Christmas Tree.  Call today to sign up or come and visit us at Woolen Collectibles, 183 1st Ave EN Kalispell, MT59901.  406-756-8746;