Are you off on a grand adventure and need something to do on the plane before you reach your destination?  Might I suggest the humble sock, this is an excellent plane project.  Small and portable, you can throw them in your carry-on.


You no longer need to use double point needles for socks, my favorite needles to use are 12” circular, but there are many other methods such as the magic loop as well as using two circular needles.  If you use two circular needles I find it easier to have one needle longer then the other. With this method and the magic loop you can work two socks at a time.


We have many wonderful colors of sock yarns to choose from and if you are looking for a little more of a challenge in your sock knit we have many patterns with textured designs in the sock.


So don’t be bored on the plane to your great adventure. Pick up your needles and some beautiful sock yarn and knit your way there.