When I was a child I explored everything.  Within my family we did all sort of crafts. My mother and grandmother did all sorts of needlecrafts as well as my great aunts and great grandmother.  The handmade was just a part of our lives.  I did not sit ideally in front of the TV; in fact we were only aloud to watch one program a night.


Though, not all my extended family knitted, they all did some type of needlework. My mother sewed my clothes, I had knitted mittens and hats, the walls were decorated with needlepoints and counted cross-stitch. We were surrounded by the hand-made.  These handmade items retain the essence of the maker, so I am always surrounded by my loved ones.


Needlework takes time and patience. You are not going to be able to whip out a sweater in a day unless you are a speed knitter.  But knitting and other crafts give you so much more in return.  It can lower your blood pressure, alleviate depression, soothe nerves, diminish arthritis and even help you lose weight.  Plus, you have the added bonus of having the satisfaction of creating something that is tangible and useful.  Knitting can also help you get through a crisis, such as cancer and other serious health problems.  The best part of all is that research suggests that knitting may help stave off cognitive decline as people age.


So what is stopping you?  Get those needles out. Start knitting. It is great for your health and mind; set-aside time every day and see how your life improves.