Cozy time by the Fire

It has not been too terribly cold for Montana with the temperature 28 for the high and 17 for the low.  All and all not bad, I still layer up with socks, mittens, scarves, (yes I wear more then one) and take my two-mile walk twice a day.  But my favorite thing to do is sit by a nice cozy fire and knit for hours on end.


This time of year, I like to work on larger projects.  Why?  There is very little distraction this time of year.  Nothing really needs to be taken care of outside unless it snows.  Most of us are stuck inside and what a better thing to do focus on a large project.


What about starting something for spring, in a lovely bright color, or a nice pastel.  By the time those warmer temperature roll around you will be all ready with a new spring sweater.  Try something in lace for a light airy look.  The sky is the limit get started today.