Memory is a funny thing.  The other day, my Mom was going through some things, summer cleaning if you will, and ran across some quilts that my Great Grandma had made and asked if I would like them.  Yes, of course I would. So my brother brought them over and the memories of my childhood came flooding back.


My Great Grandma took fabrics that were left over from garments that were made for clothing. She used the scraps to make these wonderful quilts.  She and her friends would get together and hand quilt all of their quilts.  When I was little, I would go to my Grandparents home.  They lived in a small two-bedroom home with a laundry shoot.  My brothers and I had great fun bouncing balls through that laundry shoot.  That home, though small, was filled with much love.  The quilts were on the bed that was downstairs.  The home was built by Grandpa and his brother-in-law.  The stairs to the basement were concrete and painted red with black treads.  As you came down the stairs, the bed was directly at the bottom.  As a child when I would sleep with one of those quilts, I would imagine  where those little scraps of fabric came from.   Was it a beautiful dress or a shirt my Grandpa wore.  I would spend hours being entertained by that quilt and my imagination.


The handmade articles can do much to hold memories.  As the creator works for hours on that garment, afghan, quilt, memories are being made.  The time, energy and love, and that something of yourself that you put into your creation will last many lifetimes.


My Great Grandma and Grandma have passed from this world, but for me, those quilts hold memories of their lives.  Time spent creating, time spent with friends, helping each other quilting those quilts to keep their families warm. 


I hope that with my knitting when I give a gift, I, too, am creating memories.  The memories that will bring happiness and love for generations to come.  We have become such a throw-away society, but when we create by hand, we can create memories.  Memories that can be passed down and not thrown away, so when you are frustrated by the project that is taking forever to get done, just remember you are creating a memory for all time.