Christmas Knitting

It is the middle of summer and the temperature is rising.  We have had our fair share of 95 degree weather…plus forest fires, a few in Glacier Park. All in all, it is not my idea of fun.  I am dreaming of those cool crisp autumn days so I can get back to wearing my sweaters and fingerless mittens.


So, no one is thinking about Christmas knitting now. That is several months away right?  Well, yes…a little more then four months away.  If you are planning to knit that special sweater for someone, it is time to get started.  You don’t want to wait to the last minute and have to wrap your gift  still on the needles with a promise to finish it soon.  Let’s be prepared this year and start early.


Do you have a new little one in your life, what about knitting a Christmas stocking.  I have a new grandson and he will need a stocking for Santa to fill.  I am working on a white and red sock several inches long, so Santa will have room to put many wonderful gifts inside.  Christmas stockings are such a wonderful gift that will remind that someone special every year of how much they mean to you.


Hats and mittens are wonderful gifts.  It is nice to have several on hand for those unexpected gifts you will need, gift exchange at work, women’s group, men’s group.  You never know when someone is going to pop up with a gift so it is great to have several of these in the closet just in case.


Scarves are always a great gift.  Warm and cozy and great for your college student… my children would wear sweaters and scarves and forgo their coats in college.  So if you want those young adults to be warm create a funky chic scarf.


Let’s get started today even when the thermometer hits those ridiculously high temperatures.  Find a nice cool space and start your Christmas gift.  Be prepared this year.