Late Night Wanderings

It has turned cold here in Montana; we had a beautiful white Christmas.  The nighttime’s are down into the teens and in some areas below zero.  This is all great as I have enough wool to keep me warm on the coldest days.


Though last night it was put to the test. My dog, Izzy, a sweet mini aussie mix woke me up at 1:30 am and decided she didn’t want to use the back yard to take care of her business.  Well I said it is 1:30 am, it is not time for a walk and she looked at me as if to say, I don’t see why not.  


After much talking and explanation which got me absolutely nowhere, I found myself donning two sweaters, a pair of wool socks a wool shawl that I wrapped around my waist and clasped with a decorative pin, like anyone was going to see said pin.  Three scarves and a hat, oh and my snow boots, I was ready to go, of course Izzy was ready to go at 1:30 am it was now 1:45 am.


So off we go, Izzy is having great fun.  She got all her business taken care of and was happy to go on our usual half an hour walk.  I must say I was toasty warm though the temperature was in the low teens. I didn’t run into anyone, that was a surprise; I must have looked like a giant yarn ball.  I love wool especially for those late night wanderings.  Hopefully this doesn’t become a habit.