On A Snowy Evening


The days of winter are upon us, the light of the day is less intense, and the darkness invades our days.  Sitting by the fire with knitting needles clicking away, I wile away the hours of the winter evenings.  Spring will come, but this is time for replenishing.


Replenish your mind, your body and spirit.  Let your creativity flow through your needles, become more connected to the process.  Knitting is a wonderful time to put down the stress of the day; turn off the television, put on some soothing music or better yet work in silence of the night.  Make knitting your mediation and watch how it will make you calmer and more at peace with the world.


The daylight will get longer, the lightness will return, but this year let’s greet that light replenished, happier, healthier and hopefully with sweater.


Happy Knitting