Gloves have a rich history.  Originally used for hand protection down through the centuries, they have taken on many meanings.  They have signified love and devotion, an emblem of high honor, a tenure for by which land and estates were held and transferred. 


On the darker side of the history of gloves, when one dropped a glove, it was considered a challenge and to take up the glove was to accept the challenge.  In the past, gloves were so prized that it was considered a felony to steal a pair.


Though, in modern times, the glove does not carry as much symbolism.  They are, nonetheless, still used to protect our hands.  They also give the wearer dexterity as well as warmth.  Gloves are made in a variety of materials, but for a knitter, there is only one material to use and that is wool.  It will keep your hands toasty warm as well as wicking away the moisture.  Even when wool is wet, it retains its heat properties.


Gloves are not as hard to make as you may think.  They are made like mittens until you arrive at the base of the finger and then the fun part starts.  At this point, it is advisable to use short double pointed needles.  I always start with the little finger taking the number of stitches requested and join then in the round.  The stitches are distributed over three double pointed needles and knitting with the fourth.  This portion goes quickly as you have just a few stitches you are working on.


Gloves are fun, give them a try, I think you will enjoy them. We are offering a class in February for fingerless gloves; in this way you can make gloves without knitting the whole finger.  Great for keeping your hands warm when knitting or any other activity where you need to keep your hands warm but need to use your fingers. They also make wonderful gifts.  Show your love and appreciation for someone special; knit them a pair of gloves or fingerless gloves.  They will think of you every time they wear them.