It is sweater time.

The leaves are starting to turn and the air is crisp.  The dog days of summer have past and I am changing my summer sweaters for my fall and winter sweaters; bringing out my fingerless gloves, mittens and scarves.  It is like discovering a wonderful treasure that you forgot you had.


Here is the tricky bit…. how many of us wanted to wear that sweater that we started last winter, we finished it right?  No, did you put it up for the summer?  Well it is time to finish it.  Take it out of the bag and just begin, don’t let those projects linger. You will feel much better completing it.


Here is what I do; if I have put something to the side I don’t put it away.  It is in my line of sight when I sit down and knit so I don’t forget about it.  How many of us have put a project away only to discover it a couple years later and we have no idea where we are, what we are doing and where did the pattern go?  Keep good notes, I use a blank sketchbook and write down everything I am doing for that particular pattern. 


Want to start a new project?  Don’t deprive yourself of starting that new project.  It will get you excited about knitting again.  Continue working on the old project for a little bit every day.  Even if it is just a row or two, set goals and stick to them.  It is amazing how just doing a few rows how that project progresses after a month.  You will feel such a sense of accomplishment finishing those old projects and you’ll have something wonderful to wear on these crisp fall days.