Fair Isle Friday

We are doing something new this fall.  Every Friday starting in September we will be having Fair Isle Friday.  This knit along (KAL) will run from September to December.   I have chosen a motif for you to experiment with, then you can work it into a sweater or maybe you want to start a little smaller with hats, mittens or socks.  If you have a pattern in mind, bring it and we’ll help you get started.


What is Fair Isle?  Fair Isle is an island that belongs to a group of islands collectively called Shetland Isles.  People on this island were fisherman as well as farmers or crofters.  They raised a type of sheep that were small and grew a wonderful soft, warm fleece, known as Shetland sheep.


When the men were away at sea, the women would take care of the croft.  The fleece was spun into yarn and dyed into beautiful colors.  Women used these beautiful colors to create wonderful, colorful design.  More then likely, the women’s designs were influenced by the many visitors and tradesmen who frequented the island. 


The Fair Isle design became very popular in the 1920’s when HRH The Prince of Wales, was photographed wearing a Fair Isle sweater.  This was a great boost for the knitting industry in the Shetland Isles.


Fair Isle has only two colors per row.  The colors are changed frequently so as not create long loops on the back of the knitting thus creating a firm, warm garment.  Patterns are symmetrical and have an odd number of rows.  Many colors are used in Fair Isle knitting giving the garment an intricate aesthetic. 


Come join us for our KAL starting September 4, 2015, and experience the joy of Fair Isle knitting yourself