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Tammy is happy to share her love of traditional knitting.

If you are interested in inviting Tammy to teach for your guild, shop, or event, please contact her at

Classes are available from 3 and 6 hours, or up to 7 days in length. Please see the Course Descriptions for specific information on available class subjects or Tammy is happy to design a class for your event.

Tammy was born into a fiber art family that hails from Northern Rural Montana, taught in diverse mediums of fiber arts at an early age.  Her mother taught her to knit at the age of eight; an activity intended to keep a young child entertained over a long Christmas break.

She has worked as a freelance designer for Interweave Knits, Interweave Knitwear, Knit Style, 60 Quick Knits from America’s Yarn Shops, Knit Noro 1.2.3 Skeins, 30 Designs to Knit For Now Featuring 220 Superwash® Aran from Cascade Yarns

She has taught workshops for guilds, shops and Trips for Knitters throughout the United States.  She owns Woolen Collectibles, a brick and mortar store, as well as an online design business in Kalispell, MT. As a knitter, her focus has been on traditional knitting techniques. Her specialty is Aran and Fair Isle traditional knitting

Six Hour Classes


Walk in Nature

Be inspired by the colors of nature.  A walk in the woods can trigger a design thought.  Let nature guide you in your color choices.  This class will teach how to put those wonderful colors in your knitting.  Working in the round, working with color in two hands, this class is designed to give you confidence in your color knitting. Learn to knit in the round, work with color in two hands, making a thumb gusset and reading a color chart pattern, as well as choosing color for your mitten. This class is designed to give a student knitting skills, which will allow them to begin working on more complex projects.



Landscape of Texture

Take the texture of cables, knit and purl, twisted stitches and put it into a square. In this class students will learn to put texture together in the most interesting of ways. Increasing your confidence in textural knitting.  This is a great springboard to take you to next level of cable design. Student will learn to read a cable chart.  Acquire knowledge about the cable symbols and what they mean in conjunction to your project.



Observe Think Knit

Have you ever become lost in your knitting? Walked away from your knitting and when you come back they have no ideas where you are in the pattern.  This class is designed help you read your knitting visually.  Learn to capture a mental picture of your pattern in your mind and watch how it emerges from your needles.  With this method you knit faster make less mistakes and when you do make a mistake you will spot it more readily.  Interrupt your knitting instead of being a bound to the pattern.

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