Table Runner

Table Runner Twill.png
Table Runner Twill.png

Table Runner


100% Linen Warp

60% Organic Cotton 40 % Linen Weft

13” x 60”

Machine Wash Tumble dry

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I start with cones of linen thread.  Then I wind the thread onto a warping wheel.  So I can thread it on to the loom.

After I have warped 308 threads. I chain those thread together to keep them organized and place them on lease sticks. 

Then I lay the lease sticks across the front beam of the loom and now I am ready to start warping the loom.

Each of the 308 threads has to be threaded through the reed and then through the heddles.  Now I'm ready to start weaving your table runner.  Each table runner takes about three hours to weave.  When all the weaving is done I take off the runners from the loom and wash and dry them.  Then each runner is hemmed and gets a label.  Then they are ready for your home.